My Precious!


I am a 30+ woman looking for answers that don't want to be found. Common female worries about what exactly is this precious ring that we are looking for and as long as we don't have it on our fingers until the age of 35, makes us sick and ugly like Gollum. Do we desperately need it to feel strong and successful , or do we need a Hobbit (a kid) to destroy it once and for all, instead of doing it ourselves???
Do we need THE PRECIOUS to find peace in our world?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Welcome spring

spring poppies by Susan Hazard

i just can't decide. I'm thinking in English, i' m writing in Greek. I must decide. I'm writing in English i' m thinking in Greek. Some art might help. Art speaks to the heart. Art takes you to another level. That's the meaning of Art. At least that should be.

Bad English or bad mood? Hope tomorrow spring will take me higher...

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  1. English that follows our thoughts, plain simple thoughts it should be.
    feellings for immoral hearts and moral tissues of word complex feeding thy soul
    something has to pass by, so something has to be missed
    what will heart our feelings should also practically lift up our ego higher
    See the clouds, this clouds are inside you they are not really there, cause english
    is just another confused story of your inner self

    Joy, the division of aroma strunglers, the fotrune that becomes so independently your path
    Aroma , the path of a strangely high wave to take you appart, to fall you apart
    what happens when ambulances take the hike, consider it
    while you drinking your next joy.

    I intended to write you about a συνταγη, but when i read your other blog site
    just that came to my mind.

    By Kostas Koutsoukos