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I am a 30+ woman looking for answers that don't want to be found. Common female worries about what exactly is this precious ring that we are looking for and as long as we don't have it on our fingers until the age of 35, makes us sick and ugly like Gollum. Do we desperately need it to feel strong and successful , or do we need a Hobbit (a kid) to destroy it once and for all, instead of doing it ourselves???
Do we need THE PRECIOUS to find peace in our world?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Maybe, maybe, maybe...

Where did all men (from any race) disappear?
They went far far awa
y to destroy the ring girls!

The usual problems with Christmas and Easter here in Greece, is that everyone (and by everyone i mean relatives) ask you again and again WHERE IS THE GROOM GIRL??? The problem is, that after 30, you start wondering yourself also! The real problem is that you find yourself worrying about looking for an answer that doesn't want to be found (just like the groom!).
When exactly can you be sure that you found the love of your life? Don't tell me that when i'll find him i will know for sure... it's not that simple.
It was very simple in the age of 23. Maybe even 26. Because before 30 you know that you can make mistakes that you can blame your age! Your luck! Your immaturity...something! But... i am sure that after 30 you just can't mistake love at first sight with the love of your life. So you don't have excuses.
The love of your life, in my opinion, is the kind of love and the kind of man that changes you forever. That takes you to another lever. That leaves marks. And by marks i don't mean wounds. What happened then and why if we found that love of a lifetime isn't still with us? Maybe isn't all black and white. Maybe big great loves not always stay together till death do them apart. Maybe girls over 35, are romantic girls that looking for that big experience before the big day. Maybe they don't need that big day at all. Maybe they just need to find the precious inside of them and not in some diamond ring. Maybe monogamy isn't for everyone. Maybe those girls are so much hurt that they need the greatest love of all to heal their hearts; the love of a child. And that's why they are so afraid. They don't want to miss it. They don't want to make a mistake again. Cause a mistake like that will cost them everything. And a girl over 30 with brains, if that happen just can't blame anyone but herself.
So... no ring is that precious. No man is that precious. No promise is that precious. The most precious thing is love. But you can't have a baby to fill your gaps. Or your heart-gaps. And a girl over 30 with brains, knows that. So she stands still. And as long as she stands still, peace never comes, and years goes by.

Zen secret is this; when you sit, you sit still.
When you move, just move.
The worse things of all is wavering.

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