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I am a 30+ woman looking for answers that don't want to be found. Common female worries about what exactly is this precious ring that we are looking for and as long as we don't have it on our fingers until the age of 35, makes us sick and ugly like Gollum. Do we desperately need it to feel strong and successful , or do we need a Hobbit (a kid) to destroy it once and for all, instead of doing it ourselves???
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Monday, April 26, 2010

One love

I've decided to write this blog in English. Not only to practice my bad English, but to also try expressing myself in a different way. Different language is a different way of thinking sometimes.

In Greek, for example, we have different words for emotions. ''I love you'' and ''i'm in love'', for example, are two totally different words, 'cause the meaning is totally different, way too different. Greek language is a meaningful language. 

Every word has a meaning, so you can analyze each word and also analyze the meaning of it. 

You can find the background of each meaning or you can lose your way, (sometimes your mind also) by using the wrong word. So, it's not that hard for me to express my feelings in English language, although i have problems in English!
It's much harder trying to accept my feelings while i see clearly their meaning.

Erotas. Erotas is the word (also a God in ancient Greece) that means BEING IN LOVE.

A good friend of mine who studies ancient Greek, told me an option about the root of word EROTAS and AGAPH.
If you analyze the word EROTAS you can see that the word is made of E(N) (which means within)and ROME which means power. So when you are in love, in Greek means when you are powered by, that you have the power, internal power to do things. And this is totally true... when you are in love you feel strong, you feel that you can do things, that nothing can stop you, that you are invincible. And that's an illusion, like most love stories are... 

When you are ill, in Greek we say ARROSTOS. The word's analysis means week. A - means without, and ROME means power. So, without power. BUT! EROTAS can lift you high, can give you that power. So when you are not in love, you feel week, vulnerable, without power.

But, when you love someone, it's not the same word in Greek and it doesn't have the same root, or includes the same word like ''love''.  It comes from the word AGAN which means too much.

It means beneath all, more than anything, beyond anything.

It's a totally different emotion and situation.

So, for me, English is safer.
I can do mistakes, but only in vocabulary or in grammar.

Using Greek, i can see my mistakes, written down.

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